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Harkovskij zavod elektricheskih mashin (HZEM), OOO

Production of traction electric motors for miner electric locomotives of DTRN (analog of DTN, DRT, EDRT, ET). Sale of spare parts to electric motors. Repair of any electric motors.
Basis of work of any enterprise, producer of production, experts and the equipment are. That and another LLC Kharkiv Plant of Electrical Machines - producer of electric motors traction a direct current for miner electric locomotives, spare parts to electric motors and the equipment of management possesses. Despite young age quality of our production and spare parts managed to appreciate the enterprises of the extracting branches of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan.

Our enterprise has a production cycle which includes forming, foundry, mechanical, obmotochny, and assembly sites.

Our electric motors of the DTRN series are issued on the basis of the design documentation and specifications developed by staff of plant, passed all coordination in government bodies and approved as Gospotrebstandart of Ukraine. Certification of our production in the Russian Federation is carried out. The enterprise turns out the products under own trademark.

Nevertheless, we are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and constantly we work on improvement of quality of production, constantly we listen to wishes of customers and we try to consider their remarks in the work.

Except a production activity of LLC Kharkiv Plant of Electrical Machines the strategic direction in activity of plant is development, production and introductions of new electrical machines, equipments of management of mine electric locomotives. Development of the equipment of management on new element base - is the priority direction. For this purpose at the enterprise all conditions are created: the program of modernization of production is carried out, the plant is completed with new qualified personnel, the quality management system according to requirements of the international standards takes root, voluntary international certification of production with obtaining supporting documents is carried out.

Along with primary activity of LLC Kharkiv Plant of Electrical Machines makes repairs of products, repairs of electric motors of direct and alternating current, transformers, all types of domestic and foreign production. Existence of the processing, diagnostic and test equipment at plant allows to establish guarantee periods from 12 to 18 months for the performed works. Our enterprise has an opportunity to complete, the electric motors coming to repair by missing spare parts of own production. The cost of repair included delivery of production in repair and from repair.



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